Helpful Guide to Choosing Blinds & Shades

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Helpful Guide to Choosing Blinds & Shades

Blinds are an alternative to standard window covering, like curtains and suspended drapes. Installing blinds is an easy and effective way to control the amount of sunlight and privacy a room will get. To begin with, try determining in what space you want to install blinds.


Considered hard window coverings, blinds are available in many different types of materials, like aluminium, bamboo, panel, wood, and various fabrics.

Blinds feature rollers or slats, which can be tilted, angled or rolled open to direct sunlight into any area in your home or office. For smaller rooms in your home, consider wider horizontal slats to create the appearance of a bigger window. To keep your privacy, you could choose to keep your blinds completely open, slightly open, or shut.

Wooden Blinds

Contemplate going for a modern alternative to shutters, wooden blinds offer a warm and welcoming look. Wooden blinds are available in various colors and in polished or painted finishes. For an earthy touch to your home, select blinds made of bamboo; they are eco-friendly and bring a natural look.

Vertical Blinds

These blinds are durable and an affordable option, vertical blinds are ideal for windows that are wider than they are in height. These blinds are not only functional, but also provide a lot of sunlight control. Perfect for any large glass window, vertical blinds are mainly popular for sliding doors because of their easy opening and closing ability.

Fabric Blinds

Made from any type of fabric you wish to use, these fabrics help keep a space soft and enchanting by letting in just the right amount of sunlight. Offers light shading during the day and privacy in the evenings. Perfect, for living rooms and dining rooms. These blinds really make a house a home.

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