Which side are you on: CURTAINS VS BLINDS?

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One of the most underrated areas in a renovation is the options for blinds or curtains; most of us don’t think much about how we should dress our bare windows. And we should consider more than just decoration. Window coverings are essential to keeping pesky sunlight, sounds and eyes from invading your office space. For most, it boils down to these two – curtains or blinds. Based on your decor style, budget and needs, are curtains or blinds better?

Not all curtains or blinds are made the same it all depends on the mood and interior style you’re going for. Blinds by default are easily suited to a wider range of styles, as it comes available in a variety of thickness, materials and colors. Blinds are now becoming higher in demand since more local offices are incorporating this accent in styles like industrial and Scandinavian, for its clean-cut looks which help imbue a sense of structure to the space. Completely white blinds give off a sort of classic colonial beauty, whilst wooden Venetian blinds are great for portraying that ‘hotel’ suite look.

If your budget is tight and cost is more of an issue, curtains in general are always cheaper than blinds. It’s all in its structure; in general, soft fabrics are always cheaper than harder blinds made of wood or plastic. However, more work is needed to construct a blind, which may account for the raised prices. Prices may differ based on the type of textures or materials; a velvet/suede curtain can still be more costly than a wooden blind.

Other cost-saving ways are to use substitutes. Instead of natural silk, you can go for artificial silk curtains to get that high-end, European style look. Alternatively, ready-made curtains that can be bought off the shelf are much more reasonably priced, but they risk becoming ill-fitting on your windows. In terms of blinds, materials like vinyl tend to be more affordable than aluminum, wood or textured blinds.

If you prefer a more hassle-free way of maintenance, blinds may be a better idea than curtains. Cleaning blinds is less time-consuming. Depending on the type of material, you can easily restore its looks by wiping it down.

Venetian and vertical blinds gather dust on the slats easily so you need to clean each slat by hand. But, roller blinds are more suitable to maintain with less demanding cleaning regimes and spot clean, dry clean or hand-wash.

In terms of durability however, blinds may be a better choice. Curtains, like all fabrics, may lose color over time, due to sunlight exposure and frequent washing.

If you’d like to save the trouble for manual cleaning, fabric curtains are definitely easier to maintain. But durability wise, blinds are long-lasting, as curtain fabrics may be vulnerable to fading.

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